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Andy Love

Andy Love MP Welcomes Salmons Brook Works

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22 February 2013

Andy Love MP has welcomed the start of works to build new flood defences along the route of Salmons Brook in Edmonton.

The works, which the Environment Agency began on February 20, include the raising of banks by Salmons Walk in Pievna Road and Montagu Road, the installation of a new culvert beneath Montagu Road and a new embankment to temporarily store floodwater near Enfield Golf Course.

Planning permission for the scheme was given by Enfield Council in November 2012 and it is hoped that, once complete, it will help minimise the impact of flooding in the future.

Speaking as the sites were being cleared, Andy said:

“I remember the terrible flooding in Montagu Road in October 2000 when nearly 200 houses were flooded.

“I am really pleased that the work to improve the riverbanks, culverts and bunds has finally begun and hope that we never see flooding on the scale of 2000 in Edmonton again.”

He added: “I understand that there will be a little disruption while the scheme is under way, but I’m sure that most of my constituents who are affected by this will feel that the end result will be worth it.”