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Andy Love

Edmonton Needs Jobs Guarantee Now, Says Andy Love MP

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06 March 2013

With unemployment in Edmonton still at the 4,700 mark, Andy Love MP has called for the Government to introduce a “jobs guarantee” to get people into work and give the economy a much-needed confidence boost.

The Labour Party has unveiled plans to introduce a compulsory jobs guarantee for those out of work for more than two years if it wins the next General Election, but Andy says the situation in Edmonton is such that immediate action needs to be taken to turn things around.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics have shown that more than 1,000 young people are now unemployed in Edmonton and, worryingly, the number of those aged between 16 and 24 claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for longer than a year has risen by 80 since January 2012.

A “jobs guarantee” under Labour will work by subsidising employment for the long-term unemployed for a short period of time, helping the economy grow and allowing for those on the scheme to transition into full-time work. Labour proposes to pay for the scheme by restricting tax relief on pension contributions available to higher-rate taxpayers.

Andy said: “With nearly 5,000 people unemployed in Edmonton, including 1,000 young people, the Government is simply not doing enough to give people hope and inject growth into the economy.

“By using money that would otherwise benefit high earners to help the long-term unemployed in Edmonton, we will help find work that pays – and this won’t be the ‘work in Poundland for free’ offer that the Government is currently running.”

He added: “With flatlining growth in the wider economy, Edmonton continues to be hit particularly hard and, ideally, we’d have a jobs guarantee implemented as part of the next Budget.”